Wednesday, June 13, 2012

May Happenings

May was full of crazy Happenings!  We were all SUPER busy with activities and School coming to an end!  The picture above is us girls at Braylen's Mother's Day Tea.  It was so cute!  They had breakfast for us and lemonade (in tea pots) and then made us a bunch of goodies.  She was so sweet and it was my first with my girl so I was excited.  Carsen loved it as well and will be participating next year!  We tnen got to go to Braylen's end of the year Gymnastics Jublilee.  She is a Tumble Tiger and did REALLY good!  Still lots to learn but she is going to be a great gymnast especially once she masters doing a cart wheel on the right side (not left....she is a left handed!)  Carsen loved being apart of this as well and was itching to get out there on the floor with her BIG sister and perform!

We also wrapped up Carsen and Braylen's swim lessons for the Spring.  Braylen is a natural fish and we will be entertaining swim team next summer!  She really worked on swim distance and coming up for breaths.  She also worked on diving for sticks...!  I was totally impressed with how great she does in the pool!  I am not even a swimmer and she will be out doing me for sure.  On another note...Carsen started her lessons also.  She started at 17mths and it was more of survival....getting use to the water, floating on back and hanging on to the edge.  She loves going to the pool but I do have to use floaties on her right now...!  She is just too small for her to be able to play on the steps without any protection.  I will start working with her a little more in the pool myself and then do lessons with her in the fall to continue what she learned.  Braylen is trying to coach her through and let her know what a great job she was doing...!!!

These pictures are the end of the year Pre-School program! They got up and sang lots of cute songs and did a really LONG slideshow of all the kids but it was cute!  It is amazing how much they have changed from their Christmas program to their end of the year program!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Best buds...

Braylen and Carsen love each other so much and it just confirms the relationships that sisters have that nothing compares to it! I am extremely blessed to have 2 sisters that are my best friends and confidants! I pray that Braylen, Carsen, and our new baby girl will all have the same connections and relationships as I have with my sisters! Something so incredibly special and I am thankful to have all girls for that very reason. Here are some pictures of them lately. Picture day, a fun day at Braylen's school, and a few rand silly pictures.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter was wonderful this year! The weather was gorgeous and the girls loved
celebrating...especially Braylen!

We did Easter baskets that morning and had a light breakfast then we were off to church. After church we met up with the Bodie family and had Brunch on a patio at a wonderful restaurant Village Tavern. It was excellent and we all left over filled. We then packed up in the car, came home for a quick change and a few chapters in Hunger Games, then we were off to Grant's grandmothers house for an Egg Hunt and dinner. It was a great day and everyone was in good spirits! We can't believe it is already April...just 4 more months till our other sweet little baby girl enters this crazy world.

This picture is hilarious! Braylen loved the Easter bunny but kept saying...."he has hands?" "why is he wearing tennis shoes?" "he is just pretend mommy?" I couldn't help but chuckle and IGNORE her comments....but seriously Mr. Rabbit...where are your gloves and shoe covers? Way to get a little girl curious!?!? However, Braylen is VERY intuitive and observant so hopefully we will be able to keep her on the bandwagon for all the holidays with imaginary figures!!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Summer vacation prep....

She is ready to see the Princesses!!! Going to Disney World in June with all my family....we are so excited! This will be our extended family vacation this summer instead of our usual Beach is due right in the midst of our usual July trip! Braylen and Carsen got a small taste of the Disney characters at Disney on Ice...what a fantastic show!!!

Monday, March 19, 2012


Everyone loves surprises, right?!? Well we were very surprised to find out we are expecting baby #3!! And i can honestly say, this surprise was not very first!!! I had just finished nursing Carsen and had finished the mini pill as well! I was waiting to start my cycle (basing off of when i started after i finished nursing Braylen) and i never started. In fact, around mid December i started feeling funny but i was 'cold' sick too so i just assumed i was really sick but it all came down to me being pregnant! I was in denial for a little while, really didnt believe it until i FINALLY went to the doctor and at that time i was 9 weeks! Along with being shocked, i was also Super sick. This was the worst sickness compared to the other pregnancies and they were all rough! So our due date is August 5th but the doctors already said i can get induced on July 30th and i am definitely taking them up on it! This is our 20 weeks so we are 5 months in and just found out that PINK is VERY favorable in our family! Another healthy baby girl is on the way!!! The girls are thrilled to have a new baby and a new baby sister! Braylen calls it 'my baby'!! Will try to keep you all posted a little bit through out this has been tough with two to grab pictures and do follow ups! Cant even imagine what it will be like with two!!!

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Here are some pics of the girls lately! Some are from Valentines Day, a couple are from our trip to BabyLand General and the others are just random pictures of the girls.
Our schedules are constantly busy! I hope to get back to a normal blogging schedule. I use it as a journal for the girls too but lately i have failed! ;)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas 2011

This year was a wonderful Christmas for our family!!! Braylen was definitely a believer which was so neat. ANd the Elf on the Shelf was the biggest hit of all. Our Elf's name was Artie (not sure where she came up with that) but still to this day she is wanting Artie to come back and visit. She was SUCH a good girl when ARtie was around. Grant made a comment that for every holiday we need a thinger majig like! It was pretty amazing how good she was when Artie was watching.
So the girls got some fun toys from Santa and TOO many gifts from all their loved ones!!! It was such a wonderful holiday that I look forward to next year...hoping that Carsen is more into the Christmas spirit. Here are a few pictures to look at.

Also....I have added some pictures of Braylen's school Christmas program. She was an angle and loves to sing. And her Christmas party...they had happy meals which made them very happy!!!